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Our Services

Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly Bookkeeping Services: 

  • Providing QuickBooks Access

  • Setting up QuickBooks for New Business’

  • Invoicing Your Customers

  • Providing Access to Merchant Services 

  • Processing of Accounts Receivables 

  • Re-sending any Overdue Invoices on a Monthly Basis

  • Entering of Accounts Payables & Processing Payments for Bills

  • Filing of your Sales & Use Tax 

  • Monthly Reconciliations of Bank Accounts, Credit Cards & Other Accounts

  • Processing of Important Forms: W-9’s, Certificates of Insurances, Permits, Etc. 

  • Renewal of Business Licenses & Annual Reports with the Secretary of State

  • Providing any Reports 

  • Paying Estimated Quarterly Tax Payments

  • Organized Alphabetical Filing System Provided at Year End

Payroll Services

  • Services

  • Tax Payments

  • Quarterly Filings 

  • Processing of any Benefits Provided (401k Etc.)

  • W-2’s at Year End & W-3 Filing

  • 1099’s at Year End & 1096 Filing

Helpful Answers

Here are some questions you may find are helpful when determining if a bookkeeper is right for you:


Do you have an accounting software to organize the income and expenses of your business to make your year-end tax process easier? 

QuickBooks creates a streamlined system to make this process less daunting at year-end. We provide you with the access you need to take advantage of this system. 


Are your receipts and tax filings in an organized location that allows for easy access for future reference? 

We organize all of your receipts and filings into an alphabetically categorized box for each year making everything easy to find. 


Are you seeking a professional payroll service to pay your employees, pay withholding & file your quarterly returns?

Our organized system will provide you with the right forms for each employee file, pay your employees, pay your withholding and file your quarterly and annual returns. 


Do you struggle to determine what incurs sales tax in your state and how to pay it? 

We walk you through the sales tax that must be charged for your products and services and file your returns for you. 


Do you find that your time is limited and you struggle to invoice your customers in a timely manner? 

We work with you to create a system to communicate the work that was competed and we create and send your invoices in a timely manner. 


Do you find that many customers still owe you money? 

We use our overdue invoice system to resend any unpaid customer invoices on a monthly basis. 


If you found yourself answering yes to any of these questions it may be the right time to seek out a professional bookkeeper for your business needs. 

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