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About Us

LL Consulting, Inc. is a full-service bookkeeping business providing services to all size businesses in the eastern Connecticut and southern Rhode Island areas. We offer many services to help you in all areas of your business finances; from starting your business (LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, Corporation) to payroll to day-to-day bookkeeping. We are here to service you and your needs. 

A note from your bookkeeper

Well hello there and welcome! I’m so glad you stopped by. As the owner of LL Consulting, Inc, I’m passionate about providing a service that goes above and beyond your expectations to better serve you and your bookkeeping needs. 


Growing up I watched my father and family friends run successful businesses and I always admired their love for what they did, their courage and passion, and their dedication to serve their community. Having friends in the construction industry, I watched them provide a tremendous service but be extremely challenged with putting the additional time in the office to invoice their customers, pay bills and keep up with monthly and quarterly tax filings. Many of them were very behind in their bookkeeping and it was daunting to think about catching up and staying up to date. This is why LL Consulting was started in 2019. I saw a need for providing services not only to catch up delayed bookkeeping but a way to keep it up to date and bring peace of mind and freedom of time to the business owner to do what they ultimately love to do. 


LL Consulting is here to help you reach your business bookkeeping needs. We promise to give our dedicated commitment in serving you in your business. It is my sincere hope that we can empower you in your business and in turn help you reach your future goals. We understand that managing finances and filing taxes aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but with years of QuickBooks experience, we are dedicated to serving you and simplifying your life. 

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